About NPTD


The National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) strives to achieve a sustainable and cohesive population that supports a vibrant economy, with a strong Singaporean core. To do this, NPTD drives the coordination and implementation of population policies across Government agencies.

NPTD’s areas of responsibilities encompass the following:

(a)  Supporting marriage and parenthood;

(b)  Naturalising and integrating our new immigrants; and

(c) Engaging overseas Singaporeans.

Mission and Vision

To enhance our Singaporean core and contribute to a cohesive society.

A sustainable population, a dynamic Singapore.

Organisation Chart


Directorates in NPTD

Policy and Planning Directorate

The Policy and Planning Directorate formulates and reviews overarching policy issues related to population and demography in Singapore. The Directorate also undertakes policy-driven demographic research and statistical analysis. In addition, the Directorate drives strategic planning and monitors performance management to deliver business outcomes for NPTD.


Marriage and Parenthood Policy Directorate

The Marriage and Parenthood Directorate formulates and reviews initiatives to support marriage and parenthood. Through its efforts, the Directorate aims to shape positive mindsets towards marriage and parenthood, and foster a pro-family environment for more births.


Naturalisation Directorate

The Naturalisation Directorate coordinates the naturalisation framework to support a sustainable population for Singapore. This includes ensuring that talent considered for citizenship or permanent residency can contribute positively to Singapore, integrate into our society, and are committed to making Singapore their home.


Integration Directorate

The Integration Directorate formulates and reviews policies and measures to facilitate the integration of new immigrants. It supports the National Integration Council in promoting and fostering social integration among Singaporeans and new immigrants.


Talent Engagement Directorate  

The Talent Engagement Directorate coordinates whole-of-government talent policies and engagement efforts to build a global network of talent in and outside of Singapore.


Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU)

The OSU plans and co-ordinates multi-agency programmes and initiatives to engage Overseas Singaporeans (OS) and strengthen their connection to home and their fellow Singaporeans.


Corporate Services Directorate

The Corporate Services Directorate provides key support for NPTD. The Directorate includes Human Resources, Finance, Office Administration, and Information Technology.


Corporate Communications Directorate

The Corporate Communications Directorate formulates and executes public communications plans to support NPTD’s efforts in achieving a sustainable, connected and integrated population for Singapore. Besides engaging NPTD’s internal and external stakeholders through media, public and international relations, the Directorate also provides key support on NPTD’s communication and branding efforts, including publicity and marketing plans for population-related policies and programmes.